Jill (43) from Houston, Texas

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  • @Jay Follmer C'est vrais , Jill est ainsi !
  • i like ,love,cherish,enjooy u ...
  • I second W.C. Blackett's sentiment. Jill, cougar of the second, minute, day, week, month, and year, 5 yrs, 10 yrs, etc,etc.
  • you guys should see her in a tini-winee bikini!!!

  • Really beautiful
  • I would like to talk to you
  • no matter how good they look, someone somewhere is really tired of their shit
  • I like going to the movies ,walking at the beach ,love going to party ,doing fun stuff
  • When it comes to cougars, I must say there is no one finer.
  • That\'s a cougar worth capturing!
  • Gorgeous! Age is only a number, not a personality
  • Beautiful woman. Cougar for sure but cougars go for some younger men all the time. I\'d love to meet her and see what she thinks of me! Always had a thing for beautiful blondes
  • This is the most beautiful lady i have ever had the pleasure to meet.She is not only beautiful but kind,brilliant,articulate,caring,sexy,a wonderful momma,a all around amazing woman..
  • The most amazing couger I\'ve ever met over a cup of coffee
  • Best coffee date ever
  • The most stunning angel to fall to earth
  • My reason for rising each day
  • Classy woman Jill supports all the younger women that enter modeling / beauty contests with encouragement. Timeless beauty in her own right - Inside and Out. That smile and those enchatting green eyes
  • One of the most precious \"Cougars\" you could wish to meet. Not only physically gorgeous, but Jill has the sweetest, loving personality & a heart of pure gold. :)
  • Beautiful at any age!