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  • Charlie in Dallas, TX

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    Charlie (39) in Dallas, TX

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  • Cougar Flight Attendant

    flight attendant
    Hi Lucia,
    I met a flight attendant last year. We only spent an evening together, but she left a lasting impression on me. I am 21 and she was seventeen years older. Since then I have not been able to get over the difference between her and the other women I have dated. I've decided to only date older women from now on, at least for a while. I've just had it with those silly college girls.
    My question: where do I start? The oldest women in my circle of friends are maybe three to six years older than me. I want to meet more in their thirties and forties. Martin
    Hi Martin,
    Congratulations - you've been bitten by the "Cougar bug"! You may think you'll be able to do it "for a while" but you will probably find it difficult to go back to women your age or younger. Once you've become used to dining at a 5 star restaurant, it will not be easy to go back to fast food. LOL
    The top 3 places for meeting older women (besides The Cougar Club) are the gym, restaurants and at work. You can also try a dating site. I would suggest Date a Cougar. Good luck!
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